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MiniscSim is short for miniscule simulator. For those not overly strong in English, miniscule means very small. The SIM part stands for Simulation: MiniscSim is/will be a library for discrete event simulation, starting with a simulation core (event scheduler etc.). The goal of this project is to provide simple tools for developers, or for research, teaching, or just for playful investigation. In order to achieve this, MiniscSim will prefer to use only widely available tools, which users can build upon easily.

What's there

Currently there is some code implementing a scheduler and events, so people have something look at. With this, you can write small simulations, where events will be dispatched and can in turn schedule more events. Entities can own these events, be manipulated by events, and schedule more events. All you need is C++ and STL. You can download the latest version. It's not a product release, it's before the Alpha stage. As far as I know, it works on Linux (Fedora FC3), CygWin, and maybe OS-X. Probably it works on most other systems, although I haven't tried it with Virtual C++.

Of course, your input is welcome.