Help Wanted for MiniscSim

Help Wanted ( see what's needed)

Why Bother Helping Open Source Software Projects?

You can be famous too!

More seriously, there are many reasons the get involved with advancing open source software. And help doesn't necessarily mean writing code.

Consider that if you help, then:

  • You could influence the direction this project takes, and it may then do exactly what you need,
  • You could understand how to use the tools much better since you have something to do with their development,
  • You could learn,
  • You could teach,
  • You could have have help with your own related work,
  • You could have more stuff for your resume,
  • You could have more excuses not to do the housework,
  • You could have an excuse to upgrade your computer,
  • You could do this at work, instead of those boring things they always give you,
  • You could finally do something on your computer your 10 year old child doesn't understand,
  • You could finally do something on your computer your 30 year old parent doesn't understand,
  • You could deduct something from your income taxes for educational expenses,
  • You could get a better paying job and pay more income taxes,
  • You could add more items to this list;

Whereas if you don't help, you will be all alone with your problems, and it's not my fault. So there.

If you want to find out more, email the
admin and/or go to

What's Needed (why help)

Help would be nice for most things:
  • Design and Development
    • Statistics and Instrumentation
    • Configuration
    • Output:
      • Graphics
      • Replayable saved output
    • Random Numbers
    • Threads: most simulations don't need threads. But some people like to write entities as infinite loops, which sleep inside the loop body.
  • Documentation
    • User Manual
    • Examples
  • Testing
    • Linux, Windows, OS-X
  • Web Pages
  • Resources
  • Art work
To find out more, email the admin and/or go to